More staff moves and other news

Kobby Obiri-Mainoo has been promoted to Regional Director, effective March 27, to replace David Joyner. Kobby has proven himself a “take charge” supervisor while always displaying the utmost professionalism and respect to his team members and residents. He joins Jonathan Donahue, Jeanmarie O’Brien and Maribel Concepcion in this very vital role.

Vice President Gene Zhitomirsky has a much bigger job than in the past; he will oversee all the TMLLC properties except Mission Park, which Bob will retain.

“I look forward to expanding my knowledge of the properties in the rest of the portfolio,” Gene said about the additional 27 properties for which he will be responsible.

Community Manager Monyette Vickers will move from The Carruth, which has 116 units, to Franklin Hill, with 266 units. Kobby Obiri-Mainoo will be the regional, providing continuity to Franklin while benefiting from Monyette’s prior experience at The Carruth.

Community ManagerTasha Davis, who has been at the helm of Washington Beech for a number of years, winning awards and providing inspired leadership, will become a Senior Community Manager at The Carruth, The Riverway commercial plaza in Mattapan, and the soon-to-open Treadmark, across from The Carruth.

Alan Hodges is moving from The Carruth to Mission Park, a 775-unit property. In addition to usual service technician duties, Alan provides HVAC expertise.

Nelson LaBoy will become the Service Superintendent at The Carruth. New hire Jose Perez will take his place at Maverick Landing.

Some Trinity Team members will remember Carmen Garcia, who had worked at The Foley. She has come back to Trinity as the Leasing Coordinator.

Also, congratulations are in order for Maribel Concepcion, who is joining the Army National Guard. She will be going to basic training April 3 through the end of August, and we are sure she will impress her superiors there just as she has here. We will be proud to call her Private First Class Concepcion after her graduation.

To all we say, Congratulations! Welcome! Welcome back!

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