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            By Nathaniel Dean

Yardi 7S Upgrade: Quick Q&A

It was recently announced that Trinity will be undertaking a major upgrade to its Yardi database. Additional information including final dates and details of the transition will be coming throughout April, but here are answers to some common questions you might have right now:

What is being upgraded?

Almost everything! The majority of the upgrade focuses on improvements to everyday usability and user-friendliness. Screen layouts are less cluttered, menu sets are standardized to reduce navigation steps, and other minor cosmetic changes are made to help everything be easier to read and work with. There are also major quality-of-life improvements: there is a menu search feature, a customizable list of personal favorite quick links for fast navigation, predictive text to help fill out data fields, and a navigation history tool, so getting around the program is a snap. There are also workflow and process improvements to charges, receipts, and payables. Best of all, we’ll be able to unify our Yardi and PayScan environments under a single login!

So am I going to have to re-learn how to do my work in Yardi?

No. Almost all your workflows will be essentially identical, it’s just that many of the features are streamlined and condensed to cut out unnecessary navigation, save you clicks, and save you time. The menus will look a little different, but all the new navigation and search tools will help you get around even faster than you do now.

Ok, that’s what’s getting improved, but is there anything new?

Yes, quite a lot, actually. There are a host of new reports, expanded analytics options, and a slew of new features. Through the Summer and Fall Nathaniel will be coordinating with other department heads to prioritize and roll out new features. All new features will be introduced with training and reference material. Also, once we’re in the new environment, everyone will have access to dozens of 7S-specific introduction and reference videos that will always be available to them.

So when is the transition happening?

The timeline is still a fluid; although preparation for the transition has been ongoing since February, the heavy-duty testing and troubleshooting in the new environment is being done right now. Until we’re certain that we can transition smoothly and all identified issues are resolved we aren’t going to release specific dates. By mid-April we should have a much clearer timeline for the final transition, so keep an eye out for further announcements with more previews and details.

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