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L is for Learning

The Education and Training Committee is updating the Grace Hill Vision X courses and will be rolling out a new schedule of classes and timelines to complete for all existing employees, as part of the company’s effort to invest in our employees, nurture their careers and foster their personal fulfillment.

Decisions were made based on feedback from employees regarding the usefulness of some courses for their particular jobs, said Lisa Morishanti, the Vice President of Policy and Strategic Engagement. In general, most employees will find they have fewer courses.

“I am looking forward to learning more together and working together to make this wonderful company a truly great company,” Lisa said.

Here is what to expect:

The last week of March, supervisors have taken webinars particular to their oversight roles.

During the first week of April, all employees will receive an email with a link to a Grace Hill overview, which they will be expected to view.

During the second week of April, all employees will be asked to join a GoToMeeting to discuss issues they may be having accessing material or understanding any particulars.

That third week, everyone will have the ability, it is hoped, to take advantage of the Grace Hill courses and expand their horizons and career possibilities.

In the meantime, a number of webinars that various staff have taken have been uploaded for independent viewing at one’s convenience, including one about the new Smoke-Free regulations and one from the National Low-Income Housing Coalition regarding the proposed Trump budget (see also page ). There will be more as we populate the site.

In addition, there is a schedule of courses and timeframes for onboarding new employees. Within the first three days, for instance, they will take Fair Housing, followed by Preventing Sexual Harassment. Within the first month, they will be expected to take the four-part Customer Service course, the Drug-Free Workplace class; Workplace Diversity, and Business Ethics.

Department heads are busy creating courses particular to Trinity Management, which will be rolled out in the coming months.


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