REACs are swell!


The Newport team

Trinity Management has good news to report about our REAC scores at several of our properties – all As!

Members of the Washington Beech team, Kenroy Rodgers and Thomas DiSola

The term refers to the Real Estate Assessment Center, a part of HUD. Its mission is to provide accurate information about HUD’s portfolio to “help ensure safe, decent and affordable housing; and to restore the public trust by identifying fraud, abuse and waste of HUD resources,” per the government website.

The assessment includes physical inspections of the property, analysis of finances, a resident satisfaction assessment, and review of compliance with federal regulations, among other benchmarks. The inspectors look for safety issues, such as doors locking, emergency light operations, clear egresses, functional smoke alarms and sprinklers. They look at common areas, apartments, trash rooms. They go over the exterior with an eye to trip hazards, loose surfaces, hanging tiles. They make sure bushes don’t touch buildings, which could facilitate rodent entry.

The Washington Beech team, Ylli Kono, Rezart Brakaj, Roger Briggs and Garth Findlay

“Trinity Management staff at Mattapan Heights are thrilled with the 99A score received on their recent REAC,” said Senior Community Manager Laura Francis.

The A is particularly telling, Superintendent Roger Briggs said in an earlier interview, since it indicates that the property is as neat and tidy as possible.

“Our entire team worked very hard,” said Maverick Community Manager Jennifer Pizarro. She commended her maintenance staff, Superintendent Edgar Fuentes and technicians Miguel Butten, Elvin Hernandez and Jose Perez. She also thanked Regional Director Jeanmarie O’Brien and Vice President Gene Zhitomirsky as well as Trinity staff from other sites who helped out. “That was a huge help and much appreciated! Go TEAM!”

The Maverick team

Maverick phase 1 received a 94, despite having less than 2 weeks to prepare, Jennifer said.
Maverick phase 2 received a 92, phase 3 received a 91 and phase 4 received a 98.
Senior Community Manager Tasha Davis commended The Washington Beech maintenance team (she’s at Carruth now), including Kenroy Rodgers and Thomas DiSola, for the great scores. Phase 1A received a 95, and Phase 1B received a 97.
Newport Heights phase 1A received 94; phase 1B received 94; phase 2A received 99A; phase 2B received 95. Senior Community Manager Erin Reed was full of praise for the team, including Superintendent Michael Marley and technicians Kelvin Serrano, Joseph Rodericks and Miguel Santiago Cruz.

Because our sites all had scores above 90, they will not be subject to another REAC for three years. That’s good news, since preparation is a chore. Whew! And Congratulations!

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