Resident Service Interns enrich the Trinity Team

RSC Interns and coordinators pose for a picture

Trinity has had great success with its Resident Service Intern Program through the five years of its existence, and Vice President Lisa Morishanti is busy interviewing more applicants for an expanded program next year.

In addition, she is interviewing youth leaders steered here by the Private Industry Council to work at three sites in Boston through mid-August.

Washington Beech last summer benefited from help from a youth summer intern and will again be on the list, joined by Lucerne Gardens and Trinity Terrace, Lisa said. The youths will work 30 hours a week through mid-August.

Five students studying for their masters in social work in 2015- 2016 interned for Trinity at Bradley Properties, Chelsea Square Apartments, The Foley, and Washington Beech. During the 2016-2017 school year, the number reached nine interns at the following sites: Orchard Gardens, Chelsea Square, Water Street, The Foley, Washington Beech, Bradley Properties, and the multi-site Viet-Aid properties. This September, Lisa is expanding the program to 12 students and adding Northampton Square, Mattapan Heights and New Orchard Hills to the sites.

The school-year internship program involves a partnership with Boston College, Boston University, Simmons College and Wheelock College. There are two levels to the program. The Foundation level involves 2 to 3 days a week in the field, for a total of 480 hours over the semester. The Advanced Placement programs involves 3 days a week, for a total of 720 hours.

Orientation is held on three days prior to the first day of placement. The colleges expect clinical supervision for 1.5 hours a week by an individual with a license who has two years of full-time, supervised post-MSW experience. In addition, Trinity holds group supervision once a month and a resident service team meeting once a month. Each student is a assigned a field advisor who visits each semester to determine progress.

Trinity has been so pleased with the program that it has hired five of the interns over the years. The colleges, too, must be pleased, since the original two schools – Simmons and Boston University – are still participating, and Boston College and Wheelock have signed on.
Perhaps it is because of the variety of assignments the students receive, the tutoring in legal and ethical issues, the introduction to various agencies and programs in the community, the ongoing staff support, and the commitment Trinity Resident Services provides each of the interns. Congratulations!

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