The Foley, Mattapan Heights get new boilers

new boilers

Trinity Management has a pro-active capital improvement philosophy for all its properties to ensure continued resident satisfaction, community enhancement and retention of asset value for the owner. For instance, The Foley in Mattapan recently completed Phase I of its Domestic Hot Water Replacement Project.

The improvement project started late March with the arrival of a large crane at 249 River Street. The crane lifted out the old 400 gallon hot water storage tank from the uppermost floor of The Foley to make room for the new hot water system equipment. A new Lochinvar Boiler and 2 new stainless- steel lined Aquaplex storage tanks were placed in service and hot water service restored to the building in less than 24 hours. Phase II of the DHW Replacement Project is slated for 2018.

Meanwhile, on the same campus, at Mattapan Heights II, a similar domestic hot water system upgrade occurred a few weeks after The Foley project. Mattapan Heights II received two new energy-efficient Lochinvar Boilers and a new 175-gallon storage tank at 225 River Street. Hot water system improvements made to the 217 River Street building also occurred in April.

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