Appleton Mills is snuffing out smoke, and other news

Management at Appleton Mills, in Lowell, has made the decision to go smoke free as of Sept. 1, Community Manager Emily Mallette said, because of many complaints received over the years and, more importantly, to foster good health.

Trinity Financial renovated Appleton in 2011, creating 130 apartments featuring original brick walls, wood floors, high ceilings, and a fabulous art gallery on the first floor.

“Even after a smoker moves out, the smoke smell remains in the unit because the brick is so porous,” she noted. It is difficult to rid the unit of the smell, and resident artists have noted that smoke can discolor their canvases.

In addition, Appleton plans to ban e-cigarettes and possibly any candles, incense and open flames because the structure, per the fire department, could rapidly incinerate if a fire started.

Close to 30 residents attended a meeting May 18 to discuss the no-smoking issue. A representative of the Board of Health answered questions, and both pro and con arguments were made, said Assistant Community Manager Jennifer Phengdara.

A lease addendum regarding smoking/open flames will be created, as will signage. Appleton is close to city land and sidewalks, so residents could light up not too far from home.

Here are a few more newsy items from Community Manager Emily Mallette:

Appleton Mill Yard is host to artists of all stripes every Friday night

The city of Lowell renamed the grassy area beside Appleton Mills “The Mill Yard,” and every Friday night Made in Lowell hosts “Friday Nights” events. It has become a truly happening place, with food trucks, artworks, live music, mini beer garden, and lots of fun for the kids. The first one was May 12, featuring great food, music and art.

Everyone was thrilled to see filming of the upcoming movie “Proud Mary” in downtown Lowell, which stars Golden Globe winner Taraji P. Henson.

On May 20, Appleton participated in “Doors Open Lowell,” an annual event featuring the rich architectural history of the city. Visitors enjoyed the great art in the millWorks Gallery by resident artists.

Resident George McKay, who took a bike trip to Texas a couple of years ago, planned to bike to the Northwest Territories/Arctic Circle. That’s right, by bike. He’s just a little over 60, so what’s the big deal! Unfortunately, he didn’t make it the whole way since many of the roads were impassable. But, you can see his journey on YouTube under “Panniers and Pedals.”

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