Washington Beech is on the “Greenbuild” road tour

Washington Beech

Washington Beech will be visited by about 30 engineers, architects and other professionals involved in environmentally sensitive housing development on November 20, as part of the Greenbuild Tour program organized by the Massachusetts Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council. Specifically, the professionals will learn how Washington Beech achieved LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Certification.

Michael Solomon of ICON Architecture, which is a Gold Level ($2000) sponsor of the Greenbuild Tour, explained that there are about 30 guided tours and 77 sites that will be visited on three separate dates in November. Washington Beech and three other sites – Jackson Commons in Boston, 151-157 Allston Street in Cambridge, and Putnam Green in Cambridge — are part of the “Reshaping Communities with Sustainable Affordable Housing” tour. Visitors will arrive by bus sometime after 2 p.m. and before 6 p.m., where they will be met by host Community Manager Damaris Rodriguez of Trinity, and Nancy Ludwig and Kendra Halliwell of ICON.

As Michael outlined in an email, the “learning objectives” are:

  1. Learn how to turn existing site constraints into critical features of a new site plan.
    1. Street Grid, Existing Foundation, and Context
  2. Learn how to maximize program uses on a complex site:
    1. Public Program Spaces, Universal Design in the Midrise, Backyards for Families
  3. Learn how orientation can inform apartment layout
  4. Learn how “Sensible Green” can impact sustainability:
    1. Keeping you comfortable, saving water, saving electricity

We are extremely proud that Washington Beech has been chosen for this tour to teach housing professionals more about minimizing adverse environmental impacts.

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