Empty Bowls will be filled on April 20

Ron Fishman, RSC for Chelsea Square Apartments, leads a group of painters at The Foley.

Trinity employees gathered on two separate dates to once again paint ceramic bowls for the upcoming Chelsea Hunger Network’s Empty Bowls fundraiser, to be held this year on April 20 at the Williams School Cafeteria, Chelsea. Ron Fishman, who is the Resident Service Coordinator for Chelsea Square Apartments, is on the board of the Chelsea Hunger Network. For years he has been working with other Chelsea groups to ensure this is a successful fundraiser, and he has enlisted Trinity help. Pictured here ere are some photos from the event at The Foley.

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New incentive for new business

On a different topic, but in keeping with our desire for new business, we are offering a new and updated business development Incentive Fee to team members who steer new business our way. There are some qualifications. The employee must have a direct hand in finding, referring and/or negotiating the successful completion of a new business management agreement. Please see the Employee Incentive Fee Program on the S drive, Human Resources, Employee Forms. Contact Vice President of Marketing and Business Development Courtney Phillips with questions.



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TMLLC emphasizes staff development

L is for Learning

The Education and Training Committee is updating the Grace Hill Vision X courses and will be rolling out a new schedule of classes and timelines to complete for all existing employees, as part of the company’s effort to invest in our employees, nurture their careers and foster their personal fulfillment.

Decisions were made based on feedback from employees regarding the usefulness of some courses for their particular jobs, said Lisa Morishanti, the Vice President of Policy and Strategic Engagement. In general, most employees will find they have fewer courses.

“I am looking forward to learning more together and working together to make this wonderful company a truly great company,” Lisa said.

Here is what to expect: Continue reading

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Trump’s budget risks housing crisis

The United States has a shortage of 7.4 billion affordable rental homes, according to the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC), and the budget proposed by President Donald Trump, which cuts $7 billion from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, will create a crisis for some 4.5 million low-income households.

“This is unconscionable and unacceptable,” said Diane Yentel, president of the NLIHC, who was one of the main speakers presenting a webinar recently which drew a number of corporate staff together.

Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New York, per the NLIHC, would have 199,970 vouchers cut. They would experience a $1.9 billion decrease in public housing funding; $3 billion in Community Development Block Grants; and $1 billion in HOME, Choice Neighborhoods and other affordable housing programs. Continue reading

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T is for Transformative Technology

            By Nathaniel Dean

Yardi 7S Upgrade: Quick Q&A

It was recently announced that Trinity will be undertaking a major upgrade to its Yardi database. Additional information including final dates and details of the transition will be coming throughout April, but here are answers to some common questions you might have right now:

What is being upgraded?

Almost everything! The majority of the upgrade focuses on improvements to everyday usability and user-friendliness. Screen layouts are less cluttered, menu sets are standardized to reduce navigation steps, and other minor cosmetic changes are made to help everything be easier to read and work with. There are also major quality-of-life improvements: there is a menu search feature, a customizable list of personal favorite quick links for fast navigation, predictive text to help fill out data fields, and a navigation history tool, so getting around the program is a snap. There are also workflow and process improvements to charges, receipts, and payables. Best of all, we’ll be able to unify our Yardi and PayScan environments under a single login! Continue reading

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More Portfolio News

Upper Washington, a Viet-Aid property in Dorchester, will have 35 newly built, affordable residential units and 3,200 square feet of commercial/retail space in the Four Corners section of Dorchester. Right now, the many applicants are being screened. This building joins others in the agency’s portfolio, including Bloomfield Gardens, 19-21 Faulkner Street, 1392 Dorchester House, and 1460 House.

Imperial Knife, 60 King St., Providence, RI. The Woonasquatucket River had attracted industry to its shores in the Olneyville section of Providence, RI since before the Revolutionary War. After WWII, however, industry pretty much left and the mills emptied. Trinity Financial won city approval to refurbish and rebuild Imperial Knife, secured financing and closed on March 24. The 60 units will include 54 affordable and 6 market.


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Trinity Management, LLC to manage Northridge Homes

Trinity Management, LLC, on March 1, became the property management team for Northridge Homes, a 98-unit community located in Beverly between Sohier Road and Brimbal Avenue.

Built in 1975, Northridge Homes is a well-established community comprised of two-story townhouses. It is cooperative housing. That means individuals don’t own their actual residence, but rather a share in a corporation that owns all the buildings. They are referred to as members, not tenants. There are low-, moderate- and market-rate units. Continue reading

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More New Hires This Quarter

The following individuals recently joined Trinity Management.




Thomas Disola, Washington Beech

Benjamin Irby, Holyoke High

John Symczak, Rockdale Commons

Sammie Huang, Mission Park

Tara Woods, Mattapan Heights/Foley

Francisco Evora, Brockton

Isaias Rivera Mendez, 35@ Eight Sixty

Mariano Rue, Orchard Gardens

Gerard Jean-Leger, Mission Park

Wilton Gomez-Rivas, Mission Park

Aniette Alves, The Regency

Ian Richardson, Northridge Homes

Remberto Herrera, Northridge Homes

Luis Rivera-Miranda, Newport Height

Jose Perez, Maverick Landing

Robert Andrews, Bristol Commons/Lenox Green


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More staff moves and other news

Kobby Obiri-Mainoo has been promoted to Regional Director, effective March 27, to replace David Joyner. Kobby has proven himself a “take charge” supervisor while always displaying the utmost professionalism and respect to his team members and residents. He joins Jonathan Donahue, Jeanmarie O’Brien and Maribel Concepcion in this very vital role.

Vice President Gene Zhitomirsky has a much bigger job than in the past; he will oversee all the TMLLC properties except Mission Park, which Bob will retain.

“I look forward to expanding my knowledge of the properties in the rest of the portfolio,” Gene said about the additional 27 properties for which he will be responsible. Continue reading

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‘More than Words’ charity received books, too!

Newport Heights staff pose with some of their collected books

TMLLC’s reserved space on the boat to Africa was limited to 1,000 books, plus a little extra (see separate story). The rest of the boat had been reserved for other contributors. As a result, another outlet for the more than 2,000 additional books that employees collected was needed. Luckily, Deirdre Wyman knew about a more local charity, “More Than Words,” which had run a “Pop-Up” store in the lobby of the corporate office building. That’s where she bought books for Africa, in fact. Continue reading

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