The Foley, Mattapan Heights get new boilers

new boilers

Trinity Management has a pro-active capital improvement philosophy for all its properties to ensure continued resident satisfaction, community enhancement and retention of asset value for the owner. For instance, The Foley in Mattapan recently completed Phase I of its Domestic Hot Water Replacement Project.

The improvement project started late March with the arrival of a large crane at 249 River Street. The crane lifted out the old 400 gallon hot water storage tank from the uppermost floor of The Foley to make room for the new hot water system equipment. A new Lochinvar Boiler and 2 new stainless- steel lined Aquaplex storage tanks were placed in service and hot water service restored to the building in less than 24 hours. Phase II of the DHW Replacement Project is slated for 2018.

Meanwhile, on the same campus, at Mattapan Heights II, a similar domestic hot water system upgrade occurred a few weeks after The Foley project. Mattapan Heights II received two new energy-efficient Lochinvar Boilers and a new 175-gallon storage tank at 225 River Street. Hot water system improvements made to the 217 River Street building also occurred in April.

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Better Buildings Challenge spurs solutions for the climate

The Better Business Challenge includes teams from different sectors who critique one another’s efforts to reduce energy and water use. Here are the teams from , left, Atlanta, and right, the team from Boston.

“You want to mess with the Palace?” asked an Atlanta city official visiting Boston this spring for the Better Buildings Challenge SWAP, a game created by the U.S. Dept. of Energy to facilitate best practices and solutions to climate change.

The Atlanta official – Tim Kean, Commissioner, Dept. of Planning — was referring to the Reading Room in the McKim Building of the Boston Public Library, which had been called the Palace of the People when dedicated in 1895 and which one of his Atlanta energy teammates had suggested needed extra panes of glass on each of its magnificent windows to reduce loss of heat.

The teams meet a the Boston Public Library

This conflict between history and preparing for a future with severe climate issues is felt by cities such as Boston and Atlanta. But, these participants in the Better Buildings Challenge know that investing in energy-efficient technologies, learning best practices from others dedicated to reducing the deleterious effects of climate change, and changing everyday behaviors are not only economically sound decisions, but also a moral imperative. Continue reading

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Resident Service Interns enrich the Trinity Team

RSC Interns and coordinators pose for a picture

Trinity has had great success with its Resident Service Intern Program through the five years of its existence, and Vice President Lisa Morishanti is busy interviewing more applicants for an expanded program next year.

In addition, she is interviewing youth leaders steered here by the Private Industry Council to work at three sites in Boston through mid-August. Continue reading

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REACs are swell!


The Newport team

Trinity Management has good news to report about our REAC scores at several of our properties – all As!

Members of the Washington Beech team, Kenroy Rodgers and Thomas DiSola

The term refers to the Real Estate Assessment Center, a part of HUD. Its mission is to provide accurate information about HUD’s portfolio to “help ensure safe, decent and affordable housing; and to restore the public trust by identifying fraud, abuse and waste of HUD resources,” per the government website.

The assessment includes physical inspections of the property, analysis of finances, a resident satisfaction assessment, and review of compliance with federal regulations, among other benchmarks. The inspectors look for safety issues, such as doors locking, emergency light operations, clear egresses, functional smoke alarms and sprinklers. They look at common areas, apartments, trash rooms. They go over the exterior with an eye to trip hazards, loose surfaces, hanging tiles. They make sure bushes don’t touch buildings, which could facilitate rodent entry.

The Washington Beech team, Ylli Kono, Rezart Brakaj, Roger Briggs and Garth Findlay

“Trinity Management staff at Mattapan Heights are thrilled with the 99A score received on their recent REAC,” said Senior Community Manager Laura Francis.

The A is particularly telling, Superintendent Roger Briggs said in an earlier interview, since it indicates that the property is as neat and tidy as possible.

“Our entire team worked very hard,” said Maverick Community Manager Jennifer Pizarro. She commended her maintenance staff, Superintendent Edgar Fuentes and technicians Miguel Butten, Elvin Hernandez and Jose Perez. She also thanked Regional Director Jeanmarie O’Brien and Vice President Gene Zhitomirsky as well as Trinity staff from other sites who helped out. “That was a huge help and much appreciated! Go TEAM!”

The Maverick team

Maverick phase 1 received a 94, despite having less than 2 weeks to prepare, Jennifer said.
Maverick phase 2 received a 92, phase 3 received a 91 and phase 4 received a 98.
Senior Community Manager Tasha Davis commended The Washington Beech maintenance team (she’s at Carruth now), including Kenroy Rodgers and Thomas DiSola, for the great scores. Phase 1A received a 95, and Phase 1B received a 97.
Newport Heights phase 1A received 94; phase 1B received 94; phase 2A received 99A; phase 2B received 95. Senior Community Manager Erin Reed was full of praise for the team, including Superintendent Michael Marley and technicians Kelvin Serrano, Joseph Rodericks and Miguel Santiago Cruz.

Because our sites all had scores above 90, they will not be subject to another REAC for three years. That’s good news, since preparation is a chore. Whew! And Congratulations!

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More Portfolio News

Groundbreaking for redevelopment of Imperial Knife

Imperial Knife
In mid-June, Trinity Financial and Trinity Management staff joined Rhode Island and Providence officials for the groundbreaking at the former Imperial Knife Factory, 60 King Street, Olneyville. That name is familiar to non Rhode Island people, but it is a section of Providence that is not considered chic. A former brownfields site, the factory will undergo an historic renovation that provides 60 units of housing, 54 of which will be affordable. They will be ready by the autumn of 2018.

Orient Heights, East Boston’s largest public housing development, is in for a transformation with Phase 1 demolition in full swing. Four buildings containing 90 apartments and the boiler plant are now history, and crews are beginning construction of townhomes and one mid-rise containing 120 affordable units. Former residents will have first dibs when completed. The next two phases begin in 2018 and 2020, if all goes according to plan.

UMass Lowell is leasing the rest of 110 Canal in Lowell, except for space already occupied by Dimeo. They had been the first tenants there, with the creation of The Innovation Hub, a place for start-ups to get the leg-up they need, so to speak. UMass Lowell received a $19 million grant for a Fabric Discovery Center on the second floor.

Washington Village is an old, distressed public housing site in Norwalk, Connecticut, and it will be transformed after many delays and concerns about storm surges like those experienced in Superstorm Sandy. Construction will proceed in phases. Phase 1 will include 40 public housing units, 18 tax credit units and 22 market-rate units on two vacant lots (80 total). Residents in current buildings can then be moved here while demolition continues, until eventually 273 units are created. Half will be public housing.

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Making Valentines for elderly shut-ins and disabled

A number of Trinity Management staff took time out Thursday, Feb. 2, and tested their creative skills by making Valentine’s Day cards, all for a good cause. The finished, gorgeous products were distributed to Ethos, a nonprofit that provides various services for elderly individuals, shut-ins and the disabled and for those receiving Meals on Wheels. So, quite a few people received some snazzy, Trinity-made valentines!

More volunteer opportunities will be coming, since Human Resources Director Patricia Bryson has established a partnership with Building Impact, a nonprofit located in our building that brings volunteer opportunities to businesses.


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Empty Bowls will be filled on April 20

Ron Fishman, RSC for Chelsea Square Apartments, leads a group of painters at The Foley.

Trinity employees gathered on two separate dates to once again paint ceramic bowls for the upcoming Chelsea Hunger Network’s Empty Bowls fundraiser, to be held this year on April 20 at the Williams School Cafeteria, Chelsea. Ron Fishman, who is the Resident Service Coordinator for Chelsea Square Apartments, is on the board of the Chelsea Hunger Network. For years he has been working with other Chelsea groups to ensure this is a successful fundraiser, and he has enlisted Trinity help. Pictured here ere are some photos from the event at The Foley.

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New incentive for new business

On a different topic, but in keeping with our desire for new business, we are offering a new and updated business development Incentive Fee to team members who steer new business our way. There are some qualifications. The employee must have a direct hand in finding, referring and/or negotiating the successful completion of a new business management agreement. Please see the Employee Incentive Fee Program on the S drive, Human Resources, Employee Forms. Contact Vice President of Marketing and Business Development Courtney Phillips with questions.



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TMLLC emphasizes staff development

L is for Learning

The Education and Training Committee is updating the Grace Hill Vision X courses and will be rolling out a new schedule of classes and timelines to complete for all existing employees, as part of the company’s effort to invest in our employees, nurture their careers and foster their personal fulfillment.

Decisions were made based on feedback from employees regarding the usefulness of some courses for their particular jobs, said Lisa Morishanti, the Vice President of Policy and Strategic Engagement. In general, most employees will find they have fewer courses.

“I am looking forward to learning more together and working together to make this wonderful company a truly great company,” Lisa said.

Here is what to expect: Continue reading

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Trump’s budget risks housing crisis

The United States has a shortage of 7.4 billion affordable rental homes, according to the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC), and the budget proposed by President Donald Trump, which cuts $7 billion from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, will create a crisis for some 4.5 million low-income households.

“This is unconscionable and unacceptable,” said Diane Yentel, president of the NLIHC, who was one of the main speakers presenting a webinar recently which drew a number of corporate staff together.

Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New York, per the NLIHC, would have 199,970 vouchers cut. They would experience a $1.9 billion decrease in public housing funding; $3 billion in Community Development Block Grants; and $1 billion in HOME, Choice Neighborhoods and other affordable housing programs. Continue reading

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